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Relationship Reading: Synastry and Composite


How Do We Love Each Other? How Do We Understand Each Other? What Do We Become Together? Who Are We As A Couple? What Are We Here To Accomplish Together?

When we are in a Relationship with someone we are essentially dealing with three separate entities, Ourself, Our Partner and Our Relationship. People always ask me what is a better chart to read for a relationship, the Synastry Chart or the Composite Chart? As an Astrologer, I can't help but look at both! They are both equally important when evaluating an important relationship.

The Synastry Chart is when you take two people's charts and look at them side by side. How are their Natal Planets talking to each other? What kinds of conversations are they having? Whether you are evaluating a romantic partnership, a business partnership or a familial relationship, the Synastry Chart gives you insight into why this particular person makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you swoon, how he/she pushes your buttons, ruffles your feathers, how you can best work together, what you should probably avoid doing together etc. and through that have a better understanding of how to get along. 

The Composite Chart is when you combine two partners charts together to make one chart for the relationship as a whole. Who are you as a couple? When you're in a relationship you are relating to another person and you are also relating to the relationship itself. How do others see you as a couple? What are you both here to accomplish together? What are you strengths and weakness as a couple? 

Both the Synastry and Composite Charts can be used for any important relationship. My aim is to give you insight into how you relate to this other special person, be it a Friend, a Lover, a Spouse, a Business Partner, a Child, a Parent, a Sibling, or anyone else important in your life.

We will meet for approximately an hour and a half.

*I can talk as much or as little about actual Astrology in a reading as the client has interest or desire. I'm here to help you understand you

**IMPORTANT: At check out, please provide Full Name, Date, Place, and Time of Birth for Each Partner.

***I spend a few hours prepping your chart before our meeting so this booking requires a minimum of two weeks notice ahead of time. If the times on the website do not work for you, please email me about setting up an alternative time. 

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