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Relationship: Composite Chart Report


Relationship Report

When we enter into a relationship with someone we have 3 charts talking to each other astrologically-speaking. We have our own Natal Chart, our Partner's Natal Chart, and the chart we make together, our Composite Chart.

The Relationship Report uses the powerful composite chart technique to examine the relationship as a fusion of the two individuals involved, unlike the Compatibility Report, which shows the impact of one individual upon the other.

Your Relationship Report shows you the unique strengths and blind spots in your relationship. You'll learn how and why your relationship works, where you can grow, and potential pitfalls to avoid, and how to best support each other.

Relationship Report (a.k.a. composite chart and report). 18-25 pages. Digital PDF will be emailed to email address provided at checkout.


 At Checkout please provide FULL NAME, PLACE, DATE, and TIME OF BIRTH for each chart.

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