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Psychic Energy Reading


Psychic Energy Reading with Intuitive Healing

Psychic Energy Readings and healings with Katrina Aschenbrenner is a great step receiving Spirit’s communication and starting to make changes that can last a lifetime.   Your aura is a vibrant tapestry of colors and symbols, in which meanings are then translated by using her psychic awareness.   This empowers and validates your spiritual being.  You are invited to clarify your intention for a personalized experience. 


Hands-on-Healing with Katrina Aschenbrenner addresses physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual concerns. This session elevates each of your 10 body systems and 7 chakras to a high energy vibration.  Your  spirit is gently lifted to release stuck energy without resistance.  Receive clairvoyant insights on your current focus and the energy being released during the healing.  Spiritual guidance may lead you to release blocks from this lifetime or past lives, fostering balance in the present.  This is a wonderful way to reduce stress, relax, and help manage chronic pain by encouraging your energy to flow throughout your body. 

Katrina offers the following reading topics:

  • Astral Travel: What happens to you when you dream?

  • Aura: What color is your aura today?

  • Body Weight: Why does your body like to put on weight?

  • Career: What abilities do you have that would help you to improve your job situation?

  • Family: Two or more family members can ask questions about family and get spiritual communication

  • Female Energy: What are you manifesting with your creative female flow?

  • Future: What are you creating for yourself in the year ahead?

  • Kundalini: How are you running this dynamic healing force in your body?

  • Love Life: What happens when you create space to say hello to a partner?

  • Money: How can you create more of it and be able to enjoy it?

  • Next Step: Spiritual counseling

  • Nutrition: What special nutritional needs have you created for your body?

  • Past Life: What past lives are you drawing information from to help solve problems in this lifetime?

  • Relationships: What is interfering with the communication in your relationship?

  • Spirit Guide: What do your guides look like, and what information are you drawing from them?

  • Trance medium: How do other spirits affect you — in or out of your body?


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