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Intuitive Awakening Reading with Elizabeth Anne Morton


A reading from me can create a positive shift in your consciousness. You will gain insight and clarity about your situation. A personal meditation will be given designed for you to accelerate and deepen your spiritual awakening. Personally connecting with your guides will warm and enrich your life immeasurably.

I come from three generations of Intuitives. Being clairvoyant allows me to perceive images and their interpretations. Clairaudience gives me the abiity to receive verbal messages from other realms. These two work together to bring you invaluable information regarding your specific questions. Insight is given to widen your perspective and deepen your spiritual understanding. I serve as a messenger between you and your guides and share with you what I see and hear.   

A lovely downpouring of Light, Healing and Grace rains upon you during the reading. Your energy field is cleared and brought into balance. Stuck energy blockages are directly touched and begin to disperse leaving you more clear and peaceful and joyful!

For over thirty years I have offered Intuitive Readings and Channelings both privately and publicly.

I look forward to reading for you!

Note: If the times on the website don't work for you, please contact the store via email or call 707-409-6046 and we will work to set up an alternative time. We also offer a sliding scale for this service $130-$150. If you would like to discuss a sliding scale price then please contact the shop.


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