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Hand Analysis with Jennifer Kang


In Hand Analysis, the hands are read like a blueprint of one’s life, a multidimensional map, which reveal important themes which are vital to self understanding and accessing greater fulfillment. We discover your life purpose, life lesson, the school of life to which you belong, and special gift markings which represent significant gifts meant to be understood and expressed, all of which reveal the soul’s call to action. Other qualities and characteristics, like blockages and challenges, areas of life that need attention, as well as patterns and tendencies of the mind and heart are also discernible. When there is an important element of ourselves that is not integrated, we may find ourselves experiencing a sign of imbalance, which is the inner self’s way of communicating and urging us to answer its call. 

All parts weave together to create a greater picture which helps to validate and reflect your experience, what you may have lived through, as well as shedding light and providing insight as to what is possible and guidance on how to realize the greater potential of your destiny. 

I have been practicing Hand Analysis for over ten years, and my life’s work has been a synthesis of practices for healing, integrating and creating as a whole human being — quantum energy work, neurosomatics and trauma work, parts and shadow integration, animist and shamanic practice, all of which is influenced by my training in yoga, Qi Gong and internal alchemy, Five Element Chinese Medicine energetics, bodywork and herbalism. I have had the honor and privilege of helping hold space and co-leading many people through healing ceremonies, and I am an initiate of IFA.

The coast and forest have been a true sanctuary for my own restorative journey. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to connect with people from all walks of life through this work, and it would be my honor to read your hands and witness you.

Readings are 1.5 Hours


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