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Followup Session


Now What?

We've have our Initial Consultation and now what? If I've already looked at your Natal Chart then the sky is wide open! If it's around your birthday we can do a Solar Return as starting point for your year. If you have specific questions about a job, a relationship, a possible move we can look at what's happening with your current transits. If you'd like a month by month look at the year, we can focus on your Lunar Returns (similar to a Solar Return but by the month instead of the year). If you're going on vacation and wondering whether to go on a city adventure or relax on a sunny beach, we can look at your Astrocartography. Depending on your questions or concerns I will look at a combination of charts to give you the best answers.

Before we schedule our session I'll ask for a list of questions and/or areas of concern on which you'd like to focus and I'll be looking at your Astrology with those specifics in mind. 

Our meeting will be for approximately one hour.

*I can talk as much or as little about actual Astrology in a reading as the client has interest or desire. I'm here to help you understand you

**IMPORTANT: At check out, please provide Full Name, Date, Place, and Time of Birth.

***I spend a few hours prepping your chart before our meeting so a booking requires a minimum of one week notice ahead of time. If the times on the website do not work for you, please email me about setting up an alternative time. 

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