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Chinese Polestar Processions


Chinese Polestar Astrology

 Within the cosmology of Chinese astrology human beings are considered partners with heaven and earth through resonance (ganying). Similar to how the strings of an unplayed guitar resonate to the vibrations of strings being struck from a different instrument, we are in communication and resonation with heaven and earth (nature) and them to us. If we are in tune with nature we contribute to life (ours and others). You have a unique way to vibe with nature, and Chinese astrology indicates what that is and how you can best participate according to your nature.

Processions (For returning clients who have had the Chinese Polestar Natal Chart Reading):

 The first look at your fate pattern will be based off your natal chart. Subsequent readings will look at the progressions of the stars throughout the years of your life. The advantage of knowing this is to know when to act for a particular area of your life and when to wait.

 This reading is divided into an annual and a 10 year progression. When combined with your natal chart you will be able to locate yourself in the ever changing universe and understand what you need to do to fully realize and express yourself with within it.

**IMPORTANT: At check out, please provide Full Name, Date, Place, and Time of Birth.

***I spend a few hours prepping your chart before our meeting so a booking requires a minimum of one week notice ahead of time. If the times on the website do not work for you, please email me about setting up an alternative time. 

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