Audrya Chancellor has been offering sound healing sessions internationally since 2003.

She traveled to Australia to connect with the Aboriginals and other Didgeridoo Masters.

She received permission to play the didgeridoo for healing from many different Aboriginals

as they appreciated Audrya’s humble connection to Mother Earth and her compassion.


At an International Conference on Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom,

Healing and Transformation in 2017, Audrya connected with an Aboriginal Elder,

who had a dream that he would offer healing sessions as he sang his traditional songs

while Audrya played the didgeridoo. It was truly one of the greatest honors she has received.


Also in 2017, she received a certificate after learning to use tuning forks

on the acupuncture meridians and chakra system. This allows for the frequencies

to go deep into the cells, nervous system and organs;

which stimulates healing, relaxing and detoxifying the body. 


At Kama Loka, Audrya is pleased to use four Crystal Signing bowls

tuned to the frequency that heal

and activate the Root Charka, Solar Plexus, Heart and Throat Charka.

When the bowls are played all that exists are sound waves washing over you.

Tibetan bowls are also used under the table during a Personal Session to deepen your experience. 

Audrya begins each session with her Elk Medicine Drum,

which was created by her own hands with her husband

while being pregnant with their son in Mendocino, CA.

The Drum has been in sweat lodges and blessed by a local Medicine Woman.

The rhythm of the drum helps ground you and connect your heart to Mother Earth's.

The frequencies of these instruments have been proven through recent advances

in psychoacoustic science to heal, relax, regenerate and detoxify the acupuncture meridian,

organs and nervous system.

You will experience a whole new level of healing and restore balance in your life. 


"Audrya, your sound sessions are a massage for the soul." ~Prasada

If you'd like to book a session with Audrya at Kama Loka

please email her:, or call 707-357-5794.

Be sure to specify you would like the session at Kama Loka.


Sound Healing with Audrya