The frequencies of the Sound Healing instruments used in these sessions have been proven through recent advances in psychoacoustic science to heal, relax, regenerate and cleanse the nervous system, cells and organs. You will experience a whole new level of healing and restore wellness in your life.


Here is an explanation of an 60min Sound Healing Session ~

We begin the session by calling in your evolved ancestors, spirit animals, angels and any guides that you already work with that will assist in the session for your greatest good.

Shakers are played over your body to release any stagnant energy in your aura field.
A guided meditation with Mother Earth's Heart Center & Chakra Clearing with the Elk Medicine Drum Audrya made with her husband while pregnant with her son. Connecting with Source light through your crown and merging these loving and supportive energies into your body for the session.
A Didgeridoo blessing and clearing. Science has proven that the low frequency of the didgeridoo provides relief to a wide range of joint, muscular and skeletal related pain as well as promotes accelerated healing in various forms of bone trauma. 
Heart Songs & Ocean drum clearing. This sounds like ocean waves over your body, helping you to deeply relax and let go. 
A Didgeridoo activation over your body.
Earth Frequency Tuning forks on the acupressure meridians ON your body. Opening your chi, life force, energy to flow. To assist in regenerating your cells, gently cleansing organs and calm the nervous system.
7 Chakra Tuning forks OVER each correlating chakra to cleanse, balance and harmonize.
Chakra Crystal Singing Bowls to illuminate your energy field. Studies show that crystal singing bowls have a positive impact on brain waves, muscles, nervous system, digestive system and circulatory system.
Koshi chimes add relaxation and integration of the session.
Audrya closes the session with a heart song and grounds your energy by holding acupressure points on your feet.  

Audrya has been offering Sound Healing Sessions for over 20yrs in Canada, Australia and California.
In 2008 she traveled to Australia and received blessings from the Aboriginal Elders to play the Didgeridoo (called the Yadaki in this traditional language) as a tool for healing on North American soil.
Audrya has apprenticed with a variety of Didgeridoo masters and sound healers. She is a Certified Sound Healer, Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and Cosmic Divine Light Healer. 

Audrya is honored to offer Sound Sessions and Reiki Sessions at Kama Loka. She is available on Sundays, mornings or evenings when the store is closed. To book a session text: 707-357-5794 or email audrya


"Audrya, your Sound Sessions are a massage for the soul!"


Sound Healing with Audrya