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4 Week Tarot Class


Explore the Healing Magic of Tarot! 

I’ve been practicing and reading Tarot for over twenty years and I am continually learning, discovering and loving new and exciting ways to read my cards! For me reading Tarot is telling a story with my cards based on these three things: Intuition, Astrology and Psychology (Human Nature). I’ve also learned on my tarot journey that most if not all of my readings result in one of these: Healing, Letting Go and/or Forgiveness… based on my experience! 

The art of reading tarot for you will become (if you desire it to be) an exciting and magical gift into understanding and helping yourself and others

Join me as I share with you a four part class on my understanding of how to read and practice The Healing Magic of Tarot. Each class will include a reference worksheet and I will be using Light Seers & Witches Tarot cards! I Hope to see you in our Kama Loka Realm!

Class 1: What is Tarot? The Journey of the Fool.

We will learn the origin of Tarot and How, What & Why it is used! We will go on the Journey of the Fool focusing on each of the 22 Major Arcana Cards and their descriptions and how they apply to situations or describe human behaviors. Worksheet included. 

Class 2: The Court Cards and What They Signify

We will take a look at the meaning and personalities of the Court cards. The Kings, Queens, Knights and Pages all have unique personalities, behaviors, status and suit! We will explore what the Court Cards bring to a reading and how they describe personality traits and behaviors with in the reading! Worksheet included. 

Class 3: Minor Arcana: How Numbers and Elements Give Tarot Meaning

We will learn and explore the meaning of the 56 Minor arcana cards and how the number & element of that card translates into thoughts, feelings, actions and energy! Worksheet included.

Class 4: How to Create, Explain and Share Your Tarot Story

This is the Good Part! I will share with you My Tarot Spreads and How to read them!

All About You is an 11 card reading with the 1st card being the heart of the matter/energy in the moment 9 cards to explain. Validate or support the 1st card and 11th card is final outcome or what needs to change

You and Your Person is a 13 card reading about You & Your Person and the energy that connects you. Your person can/will be someone significant in your life either past or present. 

Love Star is a 9 card reading focusing on a present or future love connection! 

Worksheet included and extra ½ to play with Tarot Spreads!

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