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Natal Chart and Solar Return


Who Are You Really? What Is Your Soul's Purpose? What Is The Theme For This Solar Year?

In this hour and a half meeting we will deep-dive into your Natal Chart, your cosmic blueprint, so to speak, the What, Why and How of your current incarnation. What is your Soul's Purpose this time around? How are you expressing that purpose in the world? What lessons are you here to learn and what gifts do you have to offer? What are your strengths? Weaknesses? Tendencies? Patterns? What are you relationships and partnerships like? What areas of your life do you most desire to improve? 

After the Natal Chart Reading we will discuss your Solar Return. This is a great session to have if it is close to your birthday (either just happened or is about to).  The Solar Return Chart is generated when the Sun returns to the exact same position it was when you were born. This may happen the day of, the day before or the day after your actual birthday. We use this chart to make a forecast for the year. We can see a general, overall theme for the year, what areas of your life will most likely take your attention, your general attitude, emotional and mental state, your health, your relationships, your home and business. The Solar Return does not tell you when things will happen but will give you an overall view of the roads you will be navigating that year.

*I can talk as much or as little about actual Astrology in a reading as the client has interest or desire. I'm here to help you understand you

**IMPORTANT: At check out, please provide Full Name, Date, Place, and Time of Birth.

***I spend a few hours prepping your chart before our meeting so a booking requires a minimum of one week notice ahead of time. If the times on the website do not work for you, please email me about setting up an alternative time. 

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